Hranush Hakobyan to be Replaced; Diaspora Ministry to Remain

Hetq-am -  Seda Ghukasyan - 11/05/2018 

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told reporters today the he will form a “government of agreement, and not a coalition government”. Asked if the members of the Tsarukyan Alliance would get ministerial posts, Pashinyan said, “We must have the best personnel and naturally the Tsarukyan Alliance will be included in the government.”

Pashinyan said he is still negotiating with the ARF to see whether it will have posts in the new government.

The prime minister said that Minister of Diaspora Affairs Hranoush Hakobyan would be replaced, but that the ministry would remain. “We have no plans to change the make-up of the government, but our relations with the diaspora are important and we will do everything to see that it works not only to preserve the diaspora but also facilitates repatriation,” Pashinyan said.

He reiterated that snap parliamentary elections must be held as soon as logically possible.